Social Responsibility


In a world showing signs of neglect, we must do our best to be as ecological and sustainable as possible. This is why all our raw-materials are sourced, and products are manufactured, using eco-friendly and sustainable techniques.

All our leather is a by-product of the meat industry. By crafting the hides into leather, we help the environment and reduce land-fill space. This in turn gives us sustainable products that could be worn and reused by the many generations to come.

Our textiles are sourced from companies using modern techniques that are less damaging than conventional production methods, and understand our commitment to sustainability.


We do not support any form of child labor and are strong supporters of Fair-Trade. Free of harmful chemicals, and wasteful, environmentally damaging processes such as those used in the making of synthetic and vegan leather, the hides we use are not from locked-up farm animals, but rather, from healthy, free-roaming creatures, that have lived on the natural nourishment offered to them by the land.

No animals are harmed for the express purpose of being used to make our products. We source our materials from by-products of other industries, where not using these resources would be wasteful, and leaving them to decompose would greatly upset our eco-system.


Handcrafted by the artisan “Karigars” who are the true masters of the art of leather making. Our jackets are specifically tailored to our exacting standards and demanding quality.

Our textile garments use modern technology to aid the manual workforce, and reduce their carbon footprint. However, our finishing is always done by hand, by experts who have honed their skills for decades and deliver a final product no machine can match.


We have a deep understanding and respect for quality. For this very reason, we always ensure that our products are of the most premium quality, and always pay immense attention to even the most intricate details. Countless hours are spent developing, sourcing and testing even the most miniscule accessory we use on our products.